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Capital Improvements


hole in pipe

Major hole located at top of pipe

TV of pipe

After lining of sewer pipe

Capital improvement projects for South Arapahoe Sanitation District are normally sewer line rehabilitation projects funded from public funds.  Such projects include rehabilitation due to line breaks, sags, and infiltration.

Long Term Capital Improvement Program

The Long Term Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a 10 year program that identifies and prioritizes sewer line problems in the District.  The projects identified in this program are selected by combining South Arapahoe Sanitation District’s previous Long-Term Capital Improvement Program listing with CIP projects that have been identified from the District’s recent video inspection program.  The following objectives are kept in mind when preparing and prioritizing the CIP projects:

  1. Take a proactive approach to rehabilitation of the District’s system.  Do not let small concerns escalate to the point where we are “chasing” problems.  
  2. Realistically and economically address concern areas.  Should a line be placed in the Capital Improvement Program, or should it be placed in an accelerated maintenance program?  
  3. Do not defer priority capital improvement work.  
  4. Practically maintain a fairly uniform expenditure program.  
  5. We use no-dig technology whenever possible so that minimal disruption occurs for customers.