Centennial • Greenwood Village • Littleton • Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Sewer Emergencies

If you experience an emergency related to your sanitary sewer service, call:

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Consulting Engineer for South Arapahoe Sanitation District
Jamie Overgaard, P.E.

If the emergency occurs outside normal business hours, call:

Guildner Pipeline Maintenance         
Maintenance Contractor for South Arapahoe Sanitation District
Jerry Guildner


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Emergency Procedures:

If you experience an emergency related to your sanitary sewer service, call Kennedy/Jenks Consultants at 303-985-3636. When you call, we will discuss the situation with you to determine the next course of action. If you are having intermittent backups or sluggish flow, then the problem could be in your sewer service line. If this is the case, we will consult with you regarding your options to free the blockage and identify the problem. Your service line from your house or building to the main line, including the connection, is your responsibility should you have to repair or replace it.

Click here to view South Arapahoe Sanitation District's Sewer Service Rehabilitation and Maintenance memopdf, which discusses sewer service maintenance and repairs.

If you are experiencing a continued backup with sewage coming into your home, then there may be an issue with the District’s main line.  In this case, the District's maintenance contractor, Guildner Pipeline Maintenance, will respond immediately and clear the blockage.  A representative from Guildner will then meet with you and identify the extent of the spill into your home.  South Arapahoe Sanitation District has contracted with a cleanup contractor who will dry out and sanitize your home where the spill occurred.  The District does NOT pay for personal loss, re-construction of any sort or replacement of flooring.