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For any other questions related to your sewer service or South Arapahoe Sanitation District, call Jamie Overgaard at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants the District’s consulting engineer.


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  1. Why do I pay my sewer bills to the City of Englewood?

    South Arapahoe Sanitation District is located in the service area for the Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant treats the sewage from South Arapahoe Sanitation District’s customers.  The City of Englewood’s billing department is the billing entity for some of the Districts that contribute flows to their plant, including South Arapahoe.  

  2. How do I know if my house or business is located in South Arapahoe Sanitation District?

    South Arapahoe Sanitation District is listed as one of the taxing authorities in Arapahoe County Assessor’s listing, even though South Arapahoe has no tax levy.  You can visit Arapahoe County Assessor’s website and input your address to see if your property is located in South Arapahoe Sanitation District.  You can also use our Contact Us form.

  3. What do I do if I have a sewer backup?

    If sewage is backing up into your home, the first thing to do is to stop running water in your home (i.e. toilets, washing machines, dish washers).  If the backup stops, then the blockage is in the sewer service line extending from your home to the District’s main line in the street.  If sewage continues to back up into your home while you are not running water, then there may be a blockage in the main District line to which your service line connects. In this case, immediately call Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, the District’s engineering representative, at 303-985-3636; or Guildner Pipeline Maintenance, the District’s maintenance contractor, at 303-288-2020, if the backup occurs outside normal business hours.  

  4. How can I prevent sewer backups?

    The best way to prevent sewage from backing up into your home is to keep your sewer service free of grease and roots.  Click here for some best management practices pdf to keep grease and oil out of your sewer service. Click here for a memopdf that explains what you can do to address root problems in your sewer service.  

  5. My house smells like sewage gas.  What can I do?

    The first thing to do if you smell a sewage odor in your home is to pour water down the basement floor drain.  If the water in the trap evaporates, sewage gases can come through the pipes and into your home.  The second step may be to have a plumber check the vents in your home to make sure they are not blocked.
  6. Who do I call for a final billing on a property?

    For final billings, call the City of Englewood's billing department at (303)762-2635.