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Sewer Line Maintenance

roots blocking line
Roots grown into sewer main line from service line.

grease buildup
Grease build-up in sewer line.

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South Arapahoe Sanitation District has a number of programs to operate and maintain its sanitary sewer system and keep it in good working condition.

System Maintenance
South Arapahoe Sanitation District has a maintenance program in place to inspect and clean its sanitary sewer lines on a regular schedule. Guildner Pipeline Maintenance, the District’s maintenance contractor, performs the following on a regular schedule:

Guildner maintenance Guildner Pipeline Maintenance doing maintenance on SASD's sewer lines.

Industrial Pretreatment Program
The industrial pretreatment program helps to prevent excessive amounts of grease, sand, or oil from entering the sanitary sewer system. When these materials enter the system they increase the risk of clogging and may result in a backup. South Arapahoe Sanitation District works with the Littleton Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant in enforcing its Industrial Pretreatment Program. This program involves periodic inspections of food-generating and sand/oil generating facilities in the District. To help do your part in reducing the amount of fats, oils, and grease entering the sewer system follow the guidelines in the Best Management Practices (BMP) Flyer pdf.

Swimming Pool Permits
South Arapahoe Sanitation District has multiple community swimming pools in the District that discharge backwash from pool filters into the sewer system. When backwashing swimming pool filters, large quantities of water can be discharged into the wastewater system. This can cause capacity issues if backwashing occurs during the sanitary sewer system’s peak flow periods. The District issues permits to public pool owners that define when and how much discharge can occur.

Facility Locates
South Arapahoe Sanitation District has a locate program to identify the location of its sanitary sewer lines when construction is being performed near its facilities. For main sewer line locates in the District please call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 1-800-922-1987.

Creek Crossing Program
South Arapahoe Sanitation District has multiple creek crossings in the District. Two crossings are aerial or above ground crossings. The remaining cross under creeks or drainage ways. The District's engineer performs regular inspections of these crossings to look for any damages that could become a potential hazard.

Sewer Service Maintenance
It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain your sewer service line from your home or business up to and including the tap connection to the District’s main line, which is usually located in the street in front of your home or business.  

If you experience sluggish flow or periodic backups in your home from your sewer service, this may be due to a number of reasons:

  1. Roots from trees that have found their way into your service line.
  2. A build-up of grease that has been poured into your service line and then hardens when cooled.
  3. Debris that has settled and clogged your line.
  4. Pieces of pipe from your service line that have broken and collapsed.

Depending on the problem and the severity, you may need to have your line cleaned, root sawed, televised or even replaced.  For more information on problems with service lines and whom you can call for assistance, see the Sewer Service Rehabilitation and Maintenance memo pdf.

Sewer lines must be kept free of grease and debris to prevent blockages and backups into your home. Never put grease, egg shells, or coffee grounds down your sink. Collect these and put them into the trash.