Centennial • Greenwood Village • Littleton • Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Rules and Regulations

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South Arapahoe Sanitation District’s Rules and Regulations outline the District’s policies as they relate to the development of new sanitary sewer mains and service connections in the District.  These Regulations include information regarding fees, the District’s industrial pretreatment regulations, standard construction details, and other useful information.


Table of Contents

Article 1: General

Article 2: Definitions

Article 3: Enforcement and Administration

Article 4: Inclusions

Article 5: Service Applications and Permits

Article 6: Main Extensions and Other System Improvements

Article 7: Fees and Charges

Article 8: Prohibitions

Article 9 - Part A: Construction Requirements - General

Article 9 - Part B: Construction Standards - User Requirements

Article 9 - Part C: Technical Standards and Specifications

Appendix 1: Sanitary Sewer Details Listing

Appendix 2: Penalty Charges

Appendix 3: Fees and Charges

Appendix 4: General Notes