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Rules and Regulations

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Appendix 1: Sanitary Sewer Details Listing

Public Sanitary Sewer Mainline
Standard Bedding For Sanitary Sewer Lines PUB-1
Special Bedding Details PUB-2
Standard Manhole Detail PUB-3
Minimum Depth Manhole Detail PUB-4
Intermediate Platform PUB-5
Outside Drop Replacement with Inside Drop PUB-6
Plastic Step Detail PUB-7
24” Manhole Ring and Cover Detail PUB-8
24” Ring and Bolt Down Cover Detail PUB-9
30” Manhole Ring and Cover Detail PUB-10
Double Manhole Cover Detail PUB-11
Manhole Base and Deflector Detail PUB-12
Knock-Out Manhole Detail PUB-13
Outside Drop Manhole for Pipe 15” and Smaller Detail PUB-14
Standard Steel Marker Post PUB-15
Redwood Marker Post PUB-16
Carsonite Marker Post PUB-17
Concrete Encasement Detail PUB-18
Restrained Casing Spacers Detail PUB-19
Sewer Crossing Detail PUB-20
Trench with Underdrain Detail PUB-21
Pipe Abandonment into Manhole Detail PUB-22
Pipe Casing and Sled Detail PUB-23
New Connection into Existing Manhole Detail PUB-24
Private Sanitary Sewer Services
Service Connections to New Construction PRI-1
Service Connections to Existing Construction PRI-2
Service Connections to Dead-End Manhole PRI-3
In-Line Cleanout Detail PRI-4
Sanitary Sewer Service Connections with Underdrain PRI-5
Sanitary Sewer Service Connections with Underdrain PRI-6
Commercial Grease Interceptor PRI-7
Sand and Oil Interceptor PRI-8
Trench Patching Detail PRI-9
Existing Sewer Service Connection Detail PRI-10
Service Line Abandonment Detail PRI-11